On Tour

Shared experience and best practice, stories and informations around the R1200 GS Adventure are growing step by step, mile by mile and will be completely available only after the tour.

There are continually updated informations about the bike and the rider on it in the lifeblog and via Twitter as well as in the Ride-of-Smiles-App.

Which strengths, advantages and disadvantages are there in the Adventure's bike concept? Did technical problems ore other difficulties occur? If so which ones, and how were they solved or removed.

What could or should have been done better right from the start. That's a learning curve, naturally not available before everything's completed.

Every traveller knows that 50000 miles around the world leave no vehicle untouched.

Find solutions on the way, or don't even need them in the first place - that's travelling on a motorbike. Be able to learn by experience, or be assured in reading about the Adventure delivering anything that had been promised.

High end technique with high everyday values. On the road that simply means: starting, driving, braking, absorbing impacts, thousands of times, in extremes of heat, snow, dust, rain, mud. On gravel, tar, sand. In road holes big enough for first graders to go for their seahorses badge ( a german qulifying sign for first time swimming 25 m without parents). With fuel one wouldn't even pour into a zippolighter at home.

That really means travelling on a motorbike.

Take it to the extremes.

On the road you don't have to look for extremes - they'll get to you, no worries.

If the bike withstands, confidence grows, confidence only bikers can develop who shared many thousand kilometers with their bikes.

That´s when we get to the part the part why we love to drive a bike.

Taht part we simply cannot answer if being asked why we ride a bike.

That's when there's nothing left to say or do - but a knowing smile.


If the Adventure finally charms this joy and laughter onto my face:

By then it will have been good.

Get your first visual impression from the 7000 km testride all over Spain in October 2014 here