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Exciting, interesting, useful, touching or merely entertaining.

Collected Info links of the Ride-of-Smiles.

Information and knowledge that was essential in the process of planning this journey, that will be needed on the road  or is just generally interesting, useful, or motivating, will be linked here. This is certainly not an attempt to replace the entire Internet and its search engines. Even less there's a claim of completeness. Just have a look yourself though, and you might find something that suits you.

After many years of travel experience some questions don't occur anymore, not the way they did  at the first long-distance travel.

But  one thing's for sure: each project generates new travel experiences. Some of our questions could be yours tomorrow. Some answers may no longer be valid tomorrow. That's why there are some useful links  for all travellers, we ourselves have found to be helpful in the preparation.

Then there is some things you come across while preparing all the project. Themes that you run into. Music that keeps you going. Great ideas you would like to share. Professionals and others that shre interesting informations you often cannot find anywhere else. And all this becomes part of your project too. Some of these made their way to the link collection too. Not always necessarily linked directly to travelling. But to life.

And isn´t that what travelling the world is all about?

Again: Without claiming to be complete  or  permanently updated. For the content of the links, the operators of these sites are responsible. Naturally, fills and link collections change over the course of the project. Some of it is therefore still unfilled  - just have some patince with me please.

Have fun browsing and planing.

Bikers Information & Forums

Plenty and more of informations gathered from travellers worldwide – first contact for all our travelling projects
Go straight to the HUBB called forum here
Die Motorrad-Karawane – Very good german travellers and bikers site

Biker Scene: German site - All and even more about current motorcycles, accessories, lodging and trip planning if your destination's  not  quite so far away. Also events and the latest tests on everything around  motorcycles. Interestingly written, well laid out and a good place to start if you are dreaming of a new moped

Route planning:

We'll give you  some information before and after the project about planning tools, maps and GPS experiences and will adjust them on the road.  An ingenious online tool - quite easy to understand and to use. Export and import of all popular digital card formats, worldwide tour planning, without being tied to a manufacturer.

If I plan trips on PC or exchange ideas with friends - then for years in "Motoplaner" of the initiative of       
 Not only, but especially for motorcyclists who do not know this beautiful part of our country in Germany . Thank you for your great tour planner and your commitment to the bikers in the resin.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany
Very good  basic information about countries,  security conditions, and entry regulations. Sometimes over-cautious in  travel warnings. To get first impressions and an overview it's always recommendable though

Travel information:


A treasure trove and treasure piece. Take your time - there is a lot of information!

Just the right place for information on travel destinations beyond the everyday facts. Information about crossing the borders and where  to refuel, where to sleep. Stories from  the lives of the people we meet on the road, stories we ourselves, even curious as we are, rarely find  as we travel around the world. Beautiful, interesting reports, some by professional storytellers and journalists. Great travel arrangements are introduced to spend long winter evenings with,  much more anyway, than to be found in guidebooks.

Latin America:

GERMAN / Current and timeless reports from Julio Segador as a ARD radio correspondent from South America. Reports worth listening reports without the sometimes alienating force of photographed or filmed images.

Many current and partly timeless info from South America with many new perspectives.  Predicate: Definitely worth a listen. And also worth watching!

Latin America Portugal-Spain:

Exciting Blog of the BR Brazil expert Thomas Miltz with many interesting snapshots and impressions from the perspective of different authors


ARD correspondent and director Michael stocks reports in his video blog "Tudo Bem" regularly from the home of samba, caipirinha and Copacabana.


A Motorcyclist’s Worst Nightmare – Brazil’s Deadly Kite lines.


Haute Languedoc South France:

Iris & Markus at BELAMAN

Who has the good fortune to stay at Iris and Mark's place, two fundamentally sympathetic German bikers with  their center of life in the South of France Haute-Languedoc, will make an enriching experience in every way.

Whether in your own little tent or caravan at the mini-campsite or in  the very cozy rooms. All of  it is crowned by absolute peace and gorgeous nature. There are a million curves on the way to the village baker, the dip in the crystal clear lake, a kayak tour through the Gorges du Tarn.

 Or do you rather feel like a  bath in the Mediterranean basin one hours drive south?  Even better is the unique cuisine and atmosphere of this place. If you stay with the two of them,  plan to spend more than one night there, and eat at least two  times a day, they'll for example surprise you  with creations rom their own cattle.

A dream that is surrounded by curves. And please - just send really nice people to stay there :-)


Music thet kept me going at day & night for more than 2 years preparing the project