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Legal notice binding on all the pages and content on this private, non-commercial website. The project partners agree that their support exclusively serves the purpose to raise donations for the 4 charity 4 partners of the RIDE OF SMILES © displayed on the website.

The maps, images and graphics depicted on the pages of this website are partially right of third parties: they may only used unter terms of conditions of the providing owners according to their valid conditions and regulations. This means no right to use any of the above outside of these pages.

This is especially true for image and maps  provided by Google® maps and Google® Earth and their contributing partners. All items here on this website are used in accordance with the Google Earth guidelines outlined here non commercially on a private website.

All other materials are copyrighted by the RIDE OF SMILES © -Donationproject and its partners

The project is not directed for any private or commercial profit . It is therefor free to  communicate in order to raise charity funds for our donationpartners . Before using RIDE OF SMILES © own text, images, video or other content relevant authorization must be obtained.

We ask for respect for the rights of our partners, without whose help and support projects of this magnitude are not possible. The next person who sets out  to make a positive difference in creating a better future for the poorest with these partners, will thank you for sure 





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